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The Baby Shower Gift Question

The inevitable long-list of baby showers can be daunting. What do you get this friend, what colour, what size, how much to spend, the list goes on. Here are some tips on how I cope.

#1: When in doubt, go with variety and the stand-bys. Face cloths, pacifiers (I buy the Gerber NUK), diapers, Penaten cream, receiving blankets, you can’t go wrong. Throw in a cute stuffed toy, my favourite are the Winnie the Pooh toys, and you’re good to go. Wrap in a basket (save those Michaels coupons) by layering with one of the receiving blankets and pack in everything neatly. It’s a practical gift, yes, but it will be used and it can be beautiful. Run to your nearest dollar store, grab a roll of cellophane, wrap it up and around the basket, tie with ribbon, DONE!

#2: I admit it, I tend to go overboard, its me, I like to be creative and I’ll use any excuse to be creative. I saw and heard about ‘The Diaper Cake’. Honestly, they’re gorgeous, but way out of my budget and I like to shop for each item myself anyway. I swear, any excuse to shop sometimes, that’s me. All you need to do a mini version yourself is a little ingenuity, and maybe a second set of hands. Think practical. It needs height right? Paper towel tube! Cover it in tissue paper or wrapping paper and stand it in the middle of the plate or round you are using. Same thing for the base, think practical. I had a plastic tray left over from a veggie tray. I wrapped it up to look nice and used it! Look at it this way: You’re being Green by re-using!

If you’re doing a round shape, make it easy on yourself, I tried it with diapers but I personally found it a pain so the next time when I did include diapers again, I used a basket. Never underestimate the basket method. Mommies can use them to stash all kinds of things for baby. Practical and beautiful. I suggest using receiving blankets for height. Roll them up to they are the same height, or as close as you can get, to the towel roll. Secure with ribbon. (NOTE: Dollar stores are excellent for ribbon, buy it in big rolls, lasts forever!). Then to make a smaller ‘tier’, pick up a pack or two of face cloths. My mom always said you can never have enough of them and time and time again I see this to be true. Roll up the face cloths and secure with ribbon around the base of the blankets. Voila, you have a ‘cake’. Now, embellish like crazy! If there’s a space at the top of the tube, tie a stuffed toy with ribbon, that’ll cover it up! Throw in a pack of baby wipes and maybe some lotion at the bottom or sitting on top of the face cloths. Have it be a theme, buy all duckie stuff, Winnie the Pooh, pink, green, yellow or blue! Make it fun. Again, wrap everything in cellophane, and use a bunch of ribbon to cascade down the gift. You can even tie a pacifier or two to the ends of the ribbon. You’ll be the hit of the party!

#3 It’s all about the chair! There are lots of the vibrating chairs on the market and yes they are the bomb! The one I buy over and over for my girlfriends is the Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker. My friend in Australia has it, friends in the city had it and all swear by it. The moment I found out my dear friend from University and his wife were expecting, I went on to Toys R Us and ordered it for them. Same thing with my friend and his wife, we’ll call them the Market Engineers couple, I found out and ran out and got it. This chair will assure them some sleep in the early months of baby-dom and, best of all, it isn’t a gift that’s only good for the first 6 months or the first year, this chair can last until they’re 4! It all depends on weight. What I really like is that it a) keeps the kids quiet and calm, b) keeps them safe and secure, c) promotes learning with the toys that hang on it and d) grows with them! Smart people at Fisher-Price! Oh, and did I mention the lining is washable? Oh yeah, practicality strikes again! They range in price so shop around. If you know in the back of your mind that your friends are trying and you see it on sale, it’s your call, but at the rate my friends are going, I’m grabbing another!


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