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Post-Baby Communication

Leading up to your friends’ baby’s birth you talk constantly, if you see something funny or that shouts out to you, you call, time doesn’t factor in.

Now the contractions and epidurals or scheduled c-section have passed and suddenyl you see or think of something, grab your phone, start to dial … and pause. ‘What if I wake up the baby?’, ‘What if my friend is having a much-needed nap?’ Eeep! Now you feel silly and awkward and in actuality, they probably wold have been ecstatic to hear from you.

This has happened to me on countless occasions and I keep hearing the same thing from my friends, they appreciate the call and do want to chat.

I do have some tips for all of you though:

1. Email. We all know how great it can be for keeping in touch, use it. A nice, fun, cheery email can and will be hugely appreciated. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what time of day you send it, because the ‘np’ (new parent(s)) can read it anytime, even at that 3AM feeding time. Most defiantely ask about the ew munchkin, but don’t forget, while your friend is a ‘np’, it doesn’t mean they’ve instantly lost the non-parent part of themselves. Tell them the funny stories, chances are, if baby is fussing a lot, they’ll appreciate the laugh.

2. Phone Calls. Yes you can still phone, you just need to factor in the time, at least for the first few months. I usually call in the 11:30AM – 3PM range. Either the munchkin has gone down for their morning nap and ‘np’ is having a break, or everyone is up and nicely settled into the day’s routine.

3. Send a Card! I know in this day and age cards are almost becoming obsolete, but they really are very much appreciated. Everyone loves getting non-bill mail!

4. Get Creative. If you’re computer savvy, or even if you are not, why not a funny little newsletter to brighten their day. Include funny anecdotes or updates on things or people you typically talk about. One of my friends, well, this one in particular, loves going for lattes, it’s ‘our thing’. To be cute, I could take a picture of my latte and send it to her with a ‘latte report’.

5. Send a postcard. No seriously, send one! Your friend will get a laugh for sure. Send it from the next town over. It’ll be a riot for you both.

Any way you get in touch, it is greatly appreciated and will in all likelihood lead to the ‘np’ phoning you back at a good time for them, but you’ve kept those oh so important lines of communication open.

Have fun!


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