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My Favourites #2

I have so many favourites when it comes to the world of munchkins, but here is one that I am absolutely nuts for: Robeez
These shoes are fantastic for non-walkers and even walkers. The soles are so soft and the elastic keeps the shoes on so ‘NP’s aren’t constantly scrambling to find where the shoes have been tossed to baby’s amusement.
When babies are learning to crawl and crawling, the soles on these shoes provide grip so they can push and not slip. And for the older ones, well, they don’t scuff for starters, and for daycares, send these shoes with the kids as one of my dearest mommy friends told me: the daycare wants the kids to have indoor specific shoes and Robeez are perfect!
They make great gifts as well, I’ve even sent them as far as Australia for one of my friends!
Non-Mom Tip: Buy them in multiples on the actual Robeez site, they have sales all the time, or, if you’re not comfortable buying them online, they are cheapest (as far as I’ve found) at Once Upon A Child.


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