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Baby Must-Haves

Yesterday’s Martha Stewart Show was all about baby showers and the top baby must-haves. I must say, I was rather impressed with the list and know of a few friends who have a few of the products listed, or variations of them.

First off, the little ‘Sophie le Girafe’. Most of my friends have this adorable teething toy and the kids LOVE IT! I just think its plain adorable!

Secondly, the ‘My Brest Friend’ pillow was mentioned. I have seen, used and love those great pillows for holding the babies, but this one actually clips on! My latest new mommy friend has one and showed it to me about two weeks ago now and I loved it! What a smart idea!

And thirdly, that I’ll mention, but there is more on the link above, the BEABA Baby Cooker. It’s almost a cusinart cooker in one. It purees the food for baby/munchkin and even warms it up! I’m sure it comes with a dandy price tag to match, but still, if you want to get your new parent friend’s something unique, I’d think about grabbing one! It would probably make an awesome shower gift!

The show also had a demo on making a beautiful mobile for the baby’s room, boy or girl. If you’re crafty, and I must admit, I love to craft, this would also make just a wonderful gift!

All in all, a great show, very informative for expectant parents as well as ‘the rest of us’. So there’s your 411 on the latest trends. Happy weekend!

NOTE: The My Brest Friend Pillow is on sale this week for $29.97 at Toys R Us/Babies R Us.


One Response

  1. This one cracked me up~the BEABA Baby Cooker.
    Just in case you want to cook your baby 🙂

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