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Cooking with Kids

I was poking around online and trying to come up with something useful to post for today. I admit, I’ve been lax over the summer, but in my defense, I’ve been swamped! Now to get paid for it? Hmmm. That’s the trick isn’t it?

I poked around on one of my favourite food sites today since I got their magazine in the mail the other day. Kraft Canada’s site http://www.kraftcanada.com always has such great ideas and I was looking for some stuff for my hubby and I and found this link for Cooking With and For Kids.

What great ideas for simple and fun food that can be made for an by the kids. Our Mom and Dad friends are no doubt busy busy busy and run out of ideas some nights, this could be a great thing to recommend to them for those challenging days or what to do on PD Days or March Break to make the time fly but still be quality time.

Enjoy the recipes & ideas!


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