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Fitness Program for New Mommies

I just love my networking group, there is always something new to find out and tips to pass on, and believe me, I pass stuff on.

A member’s wife who shares their business came for the first time this morning and as a new mom she was expressing her need to get back to her pre-baby self. This is so common with new moms and really, there is way too much pressure on new moms for this. So, Dr. Jen took it upon herself and has started a program in Oakville called Snuggie Fit. It’s a drop-in class as she herself realizes how up and down the schedule of a new mom can be and classes are only $10 each. It is also a not-for-profit and the proceeds go to a different charity every month with this coming November and December going to the food bank.

I heard her speaking about the program and I instantly knew I had to post about it, what a wonderful thing for new mommies to check out! A healthy outing that costs less than a trip to a high-end coffee place and you get to meet new moms and discuss the challenges you are all facing.

I also asked her about gift certificates, she’ll do them for sure. What a wonderful gift for a new mom who is looking for ways to get out and about.




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  1. A baby is a wonderful gift life can offer. A child’s birth always takes its toll on mothers’ weight. Signing up for an Oakville fitness program is a good way to get that pre-baby shape women had back, plus stay healthy to be able to take care of the little one and enhancing his immune system.

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