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Amazing New Product!

December greetings!

NonMom would like to apologize, I’ve been down with bronchitis for over a month now. Torture. Now on a super-duper antibiotic so hoping to post often over this month.

So, at the Babytime Show a month ago now I discovered an amazing product at the booth beside me. The Angel Arm by The Baby Henry Co. I met the co-owner Jason and he demo’d the Angel Arm all weekend long. It is a strap extension that takes the weight of the infant carrier and evenly distributes it across the body instead of keeping the new parent off-balance. And let me tell you from experience, even the Graco, which I lifted recently with 3 month olds, was a challenge. This device would make an amazing present for Christmas or showers or just to be sweet and wonderful as it takes into account the new parents health and welfare too.

I bought one even though I am sans munchkin (although I try to rent frequently LOL), it also works on heavy luggage or even the overpacked (and admit it, we all do it) cloth grocery bags and bins. I have very sore shoulders as it is so I don’t know how my parent friends do it every day, check out this product to save them and yourself!

Jason and his wife are also to be featured on the CBC show Dragon’s Den this fall/winter so you can see the product there too! I wish them the best of luck on a well-made, well thought out and Canadian made product!


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