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Non-Mom’s Xmas Picks — Part One

I realize it’s December 14th, but there are those of us, Non-Mom included, who have neglected to begin their shopping and are in need of ideas. Thank goodness my hubby is fairly easy to shop for, PS3 stuff or DVD’s and he’s happy.

For the munchkins however, there are sooooo many choices. A few of my favourite stand-by’s are:

1. From Leapfrog the Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set at Toys R Us for $19.97.
This toy takes the old tried and true fridge magnets we all played with (and I know I have in a bin somewhere) to a new level. Munchkins take a letter and stick it on the pad and it tells them which letter it is and then uses it so they learn their alphabet. What a wonderful gift! I’ve bought this countless times over the years.

2. Again from Leapfrog, the Mix and Match Fridge Farm Phonics at Toys R Us for $19.99. This works on the same principal as the one above but this time with animals on a farm. Sort of like the old See and Say’s we had. Again, which I loved and I don’t think I still have. Ergh.

3. Good old Lego! It is for all ages (and this one I do have in a bin and am keeping, shhhh, don’t tell anyone I have it), and is just a fabulous gift because it encourages creativity for the young ones with the Duplo line and lets the older ones see their favourite movies and games come to life with their own hands.

4. A good old stuffed toy! You can’t go wrong with a cute Teddy Bear or other animal. They’re easy to find, even the chains like SuperStore are carrying cute ones. Just check the age on the tag so you don’t get in trouble and you’re set.

5. Don’t forget about the bigger kids. They like to open stuff up too after all. Gift cards are great for girls to stores like La Senza Girl or for the boys West 49. When in doubt, gift certificates to the movies or DVD’s or video games are always good stand-bys. I actually had a friend who is an amazingly talented jewelry maker do up a custom bracelet for one of our neices.

6. It’s the little things that count! Michael’s in particular have a great stocking stuffer aisle at this time of year. I can spend next to nothing and walk out with a big bag full of stuff! From little craft projects to games, notebooks and more, check out your local Michaels.

…More to come but hey, there’s still tonnes of shopping time left right?


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