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Non-Mom’s Xmas Picks — Part 2

Hi all,

My missing furry nephew has bee tying me up the past week (he is still missing sadly) and of course, I had to get my xmas shopping done too!

On my travels in retail-land I found a couple of things worth pointing out if you are struggling for ideas for the munchkins close to you.

At Michaels they have these great craft kits for kids. I bought a couple and made sure the ages were ok for the munchkins I was buying them for, and best of all, they’re all on sale! Examples of these great kits are a pottery wheel (which believe me, I wish I had bought for me) for less than $35 and it included the clay too! A design your own piggy bank kit with three little piggies in it, a glass painting kit, tote bags and a design your own tea set pack! For my crafty mom-friend I thought picking up a kit or two for her daughters would be a great idea as it means they get to spend some quality time together and they all enjoy crafts!

Board games! Available everywhere these are always fun. A favourite with my neices is ‘Guess Who’ and I must admit, my sister and I did play that one as kids. Even Monopoly is now more accessible to the younger ones with their electronic debit cards to keep track of the money. Now don’t get me wrong, learning math is essential, but these does make it easier for the younger munchkins to join in the fun. And who doesn’t enjoy Connect Four? Make sure you check the ages on the boxes, but games are always fun!

Stocking Stuffers. One of my favourite parts of the holidays is indeed opening my stocking. My mom still loves doing ours every year and we always look forward to it. Ideas for kids young and ‘tween include: candy (you can’t go wrong here), gift cards, small toys like the Sears Children’s Wish toy Reginald they put out every year (and which I hope to receive again this year — HINT HINT) and even small games here or an ornament that might mean something to that munchkin.

Non-Mom will post more later but has to get back to her list ;).


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