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New Product for Parents & Non-Parents

Happy Tuesday to everybody in Blog-land!

I was very well-behaved in all of my shopping over Christmas so yesterday I felt I deserved a treat and to help justify that treat, I am going to blog about it as it applies to both parents and non-parents who have busy schedules and yet need to get some ‘me’ time in that is healthy and fun.

I have seen the ads and read the brochure and finally went out and bought the new Your Shape for the Ninentdo Wii yesterday. This game/workout is so customizable and simple, even I was pleasantly surprised when I loaded it up for the first time. Your trainer, Jenny McCarthy (didn’t really factor into my purchasing reasoning, but I have no issue with her), guides you through a body scan with yes, a webcam, specially designed for this game. It scans you and takes a digital image of you, yes, intimidating, especially with your husband sitting behind you watching you, but much less invasive than taking a flight nowadays LOL.

I’ve now done 2 days of it, I know, limited testing, but I must say, I really am motivated and keep finding new functions in the game. One of them, the workouts designed for specific goals has the typical bikini ready (not for me thanks), new year’s resolutions and there is even one for, hence the posting on this blog, mommy weight loss.

You can pick which parts of your body you want to work on in that particular workout and the workout changes daily. There is a calendar function where it not only tracks you, but you can set your workout times and schedule. For me at the moment, 15 minutes is something I can easily commit to during the week and I may just double that on weekends during the winter. You can also add in extra exercise that you do outside of the game for extra credits!

There is also functionality where if you have on-hand such equipment as a ball or weights, they can be used, but they aren’t mandatory to play the game.

So, for your mommy friends who are all tight for time but are talking about losing the baby weight, this is ideal, you don’t need to go to the gym and can tailor it around the baby’s schedule. And for us non-parents who gain sympathy weight (that’s what I’m calling it, yeah!), it is also ideal!



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