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Social Media and Munchkins

I was sending my neice a note on her Facebook page a couple of weeks ago now and actually paused for a moment. Why? Because it hit me how odd it was to be able to keep in touch with her on Facebook. When I was growing up, and no, it isn’t that long ago, I saw my relatives a couple of times a year at best and if I wanted to keep in touch it meant writing a letter and actually mailing it (which I am still notoriously bad for when it comes to actually putting the paper in the mailbox) or waiting until the next family event. As a result, I knew my cousins pretty well, but not as well as I would have liked sometimes.

Nowadays, I have only to open up my Facebook page to see what my neice and nephew are up to. Even a very good friend of ours’ daughter is on there so we’ve both added her too and are keeping in touch. I found out about my cousin’s wife giving birth just on Saturday and was able to congratulate them right away (Xronia Pola again!!!! Welcome Elena!) and have been able to see the munchkins all growing and changing through their mommy and daddy’s posts.

Especially with our neice I am over the moon to have her on Facebook as we don’t know when we will see her next (split pending) and we can now remain part of her life and keep in the loop. I know she loves it as much as we both do. We get to joke around with her and her brother (who has also now decided he’s coming down for a visit since now he can ask us directly and I can hardly wait) and maintain the great relationship we have with them.

This has also been an invaluable tool for a dear friend in Australia who has an uber-adorable son who I have only met once, but feel like I know with the postings of his growing up and great pictures!

I know that caution must be used on these sites, and I too have upped my privacy settings, but when it comes to building positive relationships with your relatives and being able to see the kids growing, it really is a wonderful medium.

Who knows, I may even give the kids my Twitter address, if they’re good! 😉


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