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I am Canadian: And Proud of it!

Wow, is anybody else as exhausted as I am from the Olympics? What am amazing 17 days … eh?

I found myself becoming, as my friend put it, an Olymp-addict. If I was not at home flipping between CTV, TSN and Sportsnet I was glued to my app from Bell, Twitter and the CTV Olympics website.

Our Canadian athletes put on an amazing and riveting show for the world.

I found myself tearing up when I watched as Alexandre Bilodeau won the very first home gold, and it didn’t stop there. I teared up everytime we won. I know, buck up, but it was truly amazing seeing our country go from 0 gold’s at home to tying and then breaking the record for at home gold’s. Wow.

Kudos to Joannie Rochette for her bronze after such a tragedy, kudos to Virtue and Moir on their top podium finish beating out the always favoured European competitors and overcoming such a scary fall in previous competition. Go Team Martin and Team Bernard, our amazing curlers! I must admit, the curling wore me out. I haven’t been that into curling in ages, and I played for years. Now, I’m trying to beg a friend to take me to my old club with him so I can throw some rocks. My shoes still fit, my brush is fine and dandy, let’s hit the ice!

Our hockey teams, the only word I have is wow! Our gals did an utterly phenomenal job, it was a dream tournament for them and the culmination of a lot of hard work, sacrifice and energy. Our guys, it was so great to see the turnaround from the team that started the games and then the one that ended up winning. I don’t think the final ‘golden goal’ could have been scored by a much better ambassador for Canadian hockey than Sidney Crosby. This kid is our next Gretsky. Watch out for him! I do wish that after all of that hard work though that they could have all made it to the closing ceremony and hope that they know how proud all of the country was and is of them as well.

We went from a country who had much pride, to a country who finally showed their pride. Why we’ve been criticized for that I have no idea, what’s wrong with breaking out in song with renditions of ‘Oh Canada’? Seeing Marc Kennedy pause during the curling semi-final and then John Morris do the same thing in the final was overwhelming and beautiful. Darn right we’re proud to be Canadian! Watching Jon Montgomery walk through the streets of Whistler after his win and grab a pitcher of beer and drink it, he deserved it! Good job!

There are so many more to list who accomplished and achieved their medal goals, and thank you for letting the nation tag along.


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