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Multi-Teching Me!

Last weekend as I was checking my emails on my beloved Blackberry and twittering an event on my new toy, my iTouch it hit me how silly I likely looked. I wasn’t just multi-TASKING, I was multi-TECHING!

I was sick with a cold about a week ago and getting up to go to the computer was just not something I was up for. I had my own little portable office with these two pieces of hardware though, plus my phone if I really needed to reach out and connect. For some reason I could not handle being completely out of touch while I fought off the cold so my iTouch had to be charged about 3 times and my Blackberry, well, I have the charger at the side of the bed.

How silly is it that more and more of us are now setting up meetings where this is wifi and, myself included, why is it that being on ‘roam’ for a couple of hours and having to turn off the wireless for those hours, is like turning part of ourselves off?

In the course of my typical days now I wake up to my blackberry alarm, check my email on it, flip on the tv for the traffic and weather, check my facebook and twitter on my iTouch and either head out to a client or back upstairs to work on other projects on my PC. If I’m driving, I’m using my satellite radio (I cannot drive calmly without my Radio 1 and Moyles in the morning) and if I’m home, I have Radio1 streaming on my iTouch or the PC. How technology has become a part of my life!

And I swear, my husband is worse than I am. Only in his case, it’s his laptop, his iPhone or the PS3.

I am not a COD WAW fan. Sorry dear!

So on any given day I use a lot of tech, how much do you use?
Blackberry — Email, texting, Twittering, covering events via Twitter
PC — Email, surfing, Twitter, Facebook … the list goes on.
iTouch — Twitter, Facebook, Satellite Radio

Oh! And the iPad is coming out, I am drooling already! I could watch a movie on it while crocheting and twittering! The excitement!


3 Responses

  1. I can’t sit down at my computer without first checking two different emails, facebook and my blog. I have begun to wonder exactly how much of my day is getting eaten up by my compulsive account checking!

  2. I totally agree Mowenackie! And my hubby is worse than me! We have got to make a rule, no more iPhones or laptops in the bedroom……of course I’ll make an exception for my blackberry….it’s my alarm clock after all, yeah, that’s it 😉

  3. Facebook, Twitter, my blog, work email, craft email, personal email…..the list goes on. I pretty much have a platonic relationship with my laptop and my blackberry. AND I LOVE IT! I am such a huge techy nerd too!

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