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New & Exciting Stuff on the go!

Wow, what a spring! It has been non-stop, and some of it even paid! I know, I can’t believe it either.

After a sort of down moment when I found out how much money I made last year for my taxes (the recession is over now right?), I have perked right up again and am moving forward full-steam!

It looks like I may guest blog on a friend’s site coming up this week. As soon as I get that ready I’ll post it here too. My first guest spot!
And I’ve been touring around and trying to grow my business and try new things. I’m helping my netwokring group out a bit and we’re heading in some new, more focused directions now and I cannot express how excited I am about it. I went to my local Chamber of Commerce’s social evening and had a fabulous time making some connections new and old!

I am also working with a friend to use our hobbies and make some money from them. She designs the most beautiful jewelry and wishlets, me, if you follow me on Twitter at all, http://www.twitter.com/nonmom, you will know my addiction to crochet. My dolls and a few other fun accessories like sleepy masks will hit the market soon, and some of the pieces will have some beading courtesy of my friend! It is very very exciting indeed.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m now also doing video for my clients and for other projects. I purchased a Flip Camera (the Ultra, not the Mino) and am very pleased with it. I can now cover events for clients online via Twitter or other social media products, and have video and of course pictures to compliment the package.

So, with the warmer weather brings a busier, but exciting schedule for me. I plan to blog more and perhaps start a second blog….we’ll see!

I wish everyone success in their endeavours and projects and day-to-day lives.


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  1. Sounds like all sorts of exciting thing are happening for you! Good luck with all your endeavours – it’s so great when you can get paid for doing the things you love.

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