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More Contest Winners!

Belated greetings! Nonmom has had quite a week, survived a quake (LOL), hubby’s car died (still sorting that out) and managed to forget my house keys so I was stuck for a while on Friday morning. I’m hoping this is all over now as you can imagine!

So, for some much-needed levity, our bonus winner of a package of Huggies Little Movers Jeans Edition diapers: Daddy Davey and his ‘A-ha moment from little one, Miss Rebecca!

Rebecca is now 16 months and pulling herself up and getting ready to walk…but she isn’t quite there yet.

Using the problem solving skills she gets from both of her parents, Rebecca has found a way to get around and use objects to help her in her task.

She has taken a page out of the future skills to have book and pulls herself up, grabs onto the seat part of the kitchen chair, pushes the chair, and walks to it! Great training and excellent use of creativity! You can just see the wheels turning in her mind of how exactly to walk about the house while still unsure of her footing.

Congrats Daddy Davey and munchkin Rebecca! Enjoy your jeans!

And another winner, Mommy Pat and her tip on teaching her two daughters to crawl:

“When each of my daughters was learning to crawl they just weren’t quite getting it. Try as they might, they were scooting along, but not actually crawling.

Then my husband decided they were going to learn and got down himself and crawled along to show them how to do it right. Well didn’t it work! My first started crawling right away! When it came to the second, we waited a little, but then memory kicked in and my husband tried it again…..sure enough it worked again! So, if you see that your munchkin just isn’t quite getting the crawling thing down, get your hubby or yourself down and show them how it’s done! 🙂

Congrats Pat on that great, and funny tip for your Little Movers!


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