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Hasbro Part One

Hasbro Holiday 2010Wow! What an amazing time I had at the 2010 Holiday Preview event for Hasbro toys! I tell you, I wish I was a kid again, I had so much fun playing with the toys and I am planning my list now for things I want too!

I have been trying to figure out the best way to show and explain all of these amazing new toys and games to you and I think the easiest is to break them down into smaller blog entries.

Now the problem of where to start! Well, since it is something that I really tweaked my interest, I will begin with the new Easy-Bake line that Hasbro has. Yes, the Easy-Bake oven is back, but now it has friends!

The Easy-Bake Trendy Tastes Cookie Kit caught my eye, and not only because I love cookies (who doesn’t?), but also because with this kit you don’t need an oven, all you need is a microwave and the kit!

Hasbro Easy-Bake CookiesThe kit includes everything your bakers will need to make cookies that look like dresses, shoes and handbags, and really, what little girl doesn’t love creating their own cookies!  This one is scheduled to come out in the fall and I instantly thought ‘birthday party’.

Which leads me to the next in this fabulous line, the Easy-Bake Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Kit! If you have ever watched the Food Network you’ll know of the rise of the lavishly decorated cookies, cupcakes and cakes craze that is going on. The workmanship is simply amazing that these bakers can do, and now your little ones can act like the pros too!

The kit comes with a bunch of tools including the tray that cooks their works of art in the microwave! The special tray even has a sensor to tell the bakers when it is safe to touch. That impressed me big time! It’s hard enough to keep NonDad out of the cookies when I bake them and take them out of the oven, this might be a good way to alleviate that problem in the next generation, ha ha ha.

Hasbro Easy-Bake Cake Kit

It also includes the fondant mold and stamper or they can label their work treat using the alphabet embosser. It really fosters creativity with a great reward at the end, they get to eat them!

These items definitely get my NonMom stamp of approval and I will be picking them up for some of my favourite NonKids ;).

Watch for the next post in this series in the next day or so! There is sooooo much to post about to get all the parents and us NonParents ready for the holidays, so why not get the inside scoop here and make that trip to the store quicker and painless!



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