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Hasbro Part Two!

There were so many amazing toys for this coming holiday season I am still reeling (in a great way) from them all.

Next up: A toy for the little guys in your life. Yes, it’s Chuck the Truck! (and friends!). I fell in love with Chuck immediately I must admit and even saw he and his friends on Friday at my local Winners store….it was all I could do to not pick him up. And I noticed an adorable little guy checking him out so I know he’s ‘cool’.

Hasbro Tonka Chuck the TruckAt the event they had Chuck, as seen above and also Chuck’s Stunt Park.

Hasbro Chuck the Truck Stunt ParkBoth were a lot of fun. The bigger Chuck talked, waved at you with his exhaust and would be ideal for playing with outside in the sandbox or the backyard. Even in your playroom!

The set on the other hand, yes you would likely need to keep indoors, but what a set! You can have Chuck climb and swing from a bridge and keep re-configuring the set so that your little guy (or gal, who am I kidding, I played with He-Man and GI Joe and loved it as a kid!) won’t grow tired of the set. It’s all about variety and with this set and the way it connects with Chuck’s friend’s sets, the hours of play can be endless!

Stay tuned for the next entry: Retro girls toys are back!


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