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Hasbro Part 3: Retro is back for the girls!

As I was checking out the new crop of toys for Holiday 2010 my eyes lit up (as no doubt the gals from Hasbro noticed) when I spied of all things: Strawberry Shortcake and then, beside her: My Little Pony!

Yes these treasures of my youth (and doubtless many of you out there too) are back and oh so sweet! And…I checked…Strawberry Shortcake and friends still smell the same too!

So, for this year, we have the ever adorable Strawberry gal (a little bit updated in her look) spending time at her new ‘Berry Fruity Salon’ where she can get her hair and nails done and chill out with the other girls. A great set which includes lots of things to help Berry look her best such as a blow drier, combs and a great chair and mirror.Hasbro Strawberry Shortcake

And how does Strawberry Shortcake get to her salon? Well, in her brand new car of course! The Berry Cruiser is remote controlled so your little one can act as Strawberry Shortcake’s chauffeur and drive her and her friends around and about. It is a very cute combination of pink and red, just like the doll, and even includes a doll so driving can commence immediately out of the box.Hasbro Strawberry Shortcake

If you’re like me though and a big fan of the original dolls, they too are available and again, the scent on them is the same! Who doesn’t remember that? I did instantly let me tell you!Hasbro Strawberry Shortcake

Next up is My Little Pony! Yes, the ponies are back and popular as ever! They too have their own vehicle for getting around, 4 feet get more tired than two after all. With a simple to operate remote control your little ones can drive the pony of their choice around and hey, even meet up with Strawberry Shortcake and her pals for lunch!Hasbro My Little Pony

The My Little Pony line also includes the individual packages as well as the ‘Lots of Styles’ Starsong who can have her hair and tail done up in various ways with the accessories that come with her.Hasbro My Little Pony

And for the littlest of the My Little Pony family fans, there is the ‘Cheer me up’ Pony doll who comes with all of her medicine and everything her ‘doctor’ will need to treat her and make her feel better. A bigger pony for those little hands, this one is sure to please! And I’ve checked on this one, my niece has a bunch of the ponies and LOVES them!Hasbro My Little Pony


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