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Working Out Update!

Ok, I admit I haven’t followed it to a ‘T’, but I have really super-enjoyed the workouts in the Sweat & Snack Program, and have added to them as well for some, target areas…yes, that’s what we’ll call them…and I admit I have more energy and actually look forward to my ‘me’ time. I am loving the resistance bands and the balance ball is a blast!

And my reward? Those oh-so-yummy Rice Thins! I have got to tell you, the Sour Cream ones are to die for! It is really a challenge to keep the serving to the proper size, but I’m doing it!

I am notoriously bad at sticking to workouts, but I heard the term recently somewhere that you have to invest in yourself, well, I know how important investing is (and there is a post coming on that very topic), so why not if I can’t invest financially like I used to, invest in ‘me’ instead? The ROI in this is definitely a guarantee if you stick with it!


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