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Crocheting Madly & Loving it!

Being that I don’t have kids, well, my cats like to think they’re babies, but they’re not, I simply love making crafts with and for kids. As some of you may have gathered from my Tweets, I am now a yarn and crochet addict (adding knitting soon too I hope). I randomly decided on a Friday almost 2 years ago now that I needed to learn crochet, so, a trip to Michaels and a book and some supplies later, I’m ‘hooked’!

I’m attempting my very first garment, a cardigan for me, but I’m also getting ready for my very first craft fair! It’s coming up on the 25th in Mississauga and I am oh so excited! As a treat, here’s a preview of some of the pieces I have ready:

It’s truly an activity I love and really calms me down. Those who know me know very well that is hard for me to sit still, this is about as close as it gets, me with yarn all around. Total bliss! And the look on the munchkins faces when you give them something homemade, like this mobile, it’s wonderful.

So, if you want to get as hooked as I am, check out fun sites like Ravelry, Lion Brand Yarn (and they have a great podcast, my weekend addiction: Yarn Craft!), Caron Yarns, Bernat, Red Heart or even your local yarn shop, I’m finding more of them and they are so much fun to explore! (Oh, and most of them are on Twitter too, just check my account and who I follow *wink wink*).

Today on tap, finishing another doll (just started her last night) and perhaps another sleepy mask. I use the one I made myself almost every night, so soft and comfy!


2 Responses

  1. Great projects! Reading this makes me feel like I need to go and grab my crochet hook and yarn again, but alas, my wrist just can’t take it (I’ll just have to stick with sewing!) Good luck at the craft fair!

    • Thanks Andi!!!!! I’ll handle the crocheting and further sore wrists for you no problem LOL. I admit freely I have to take lots of little breaks and stretch mine out, too many years at a keyboard have taken their toll.
      Your sewing always inspires me, simply gorgeous and I’ll let you know how the fair goes 🙂

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