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Getting my ‘perk’ on, on the run!


Starbucks Via

My 'at home' Starbucks experience special mug

For all of us, with kids and without, time is a major factor in our lives. I know I live by my daytimer and finding time to do the things I want to do is always a challenge.


One of my favourite indulgences, other than crocheting toys or scarves or …. believe me I can go on, is a great cup of special coffee. I make it my treat to myself, and it’s cheaper than another of my indulgences, my purse addiction problem that I’m not willing to do anything about.

My treat of choice really is Starbucks. And now I can take it with me anywhere, and it tastes just like it was brewed in-store with the Via Ready Brew Flavoured Coffees. I was very lucky and slightly wired after the experience, to have been a part of the launch in Toronto about 2 weeks ago now. I must say I felt quite the VICD (Very important coffee drinker) when I arrived and these little packets were presented to us. Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel and Cinnamon Spice. All the aromas I love!!!


Starbucks Via

The VIA Ready Brew Flavoured Crew

I must admit, I enjoy smart products, and this is one of them. I enjoy when someone has actually taken the time to think how to make my life easier, while also happier. Having the portability of these little packets makes my indulgences easier and more convenient while losing none of the ‘special’ experience that I receive from them.


My immediate thoughts were how I could actually have my favourite treats wherever I wanted now. I know, selfish, but seriously, all you need is boiling water and you’re set. These were so smooth (and I am a double-double girl) they didn’t need cream or sugar! You can always find a kettle and who doesn’t have a thermal mug nowadays? I know I love my pink one from Nikki and use it all the time!

For those of us on the go, take them on the Go Train or at the office when you can’t get out and you have instant bliss. And for the mommies and daddies out there who get tonnes of time at the park or walking with the stroller, this way you can ‘take it with you’!

Again, I am an eternally practical girl so I like stuff like this. And, another of my questions was how much water to use and do they get watered down? I’ve tried it with a couple different amounts, they still rock.

And if you’re a creative baker try these ideas:

  • Mix the VIA with a little bit of water and add to a brownie or cake mix
  • The gals at Starbucks suggested mixing the VIA with whipped cream for atop a pumpkin pie?! Mmmmm!!!
  • Cookies? Mmmmm! Now wouldn’t mocha or caramel be yummy!

My advice, try them out. They sell for $7.95 CDN for a 6 pack which works out to $1.33 each! That’s cheaper than drive-thru! I like that too!

Happy percolating all! I think I’ll have a mocha in a few minutes!


One Response

  1. Great write-up, Amy. Lots of good ideas.

    Now, if only they had packaged it in a recyclable wrapper, rather than in plastic, it would be a perfect product.

    I think that companies these days should be thinking about packaging, and how to present their products (especially NEW products), in eco-friendly, green, minimalistic packaging.

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