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Trivial Pursuit Round Four!

That’s right, it’s Round 4 of 5 to win a copy of the new Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It game from Nonmom!

To enter see the info with Round one’s post, but the quick version is that the first 10 people to email me their answers at: nonmomblog ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com are entered and for every correct answer those 10 people have, they get an entry!

The game is limited to Canada, and I encourage everyone to join in on the fun!

So this round will end at midnight Friday night (tomorrow) Toronto time!

Round Four:

1. Who is Oprah’s best friend?

2. Kamehameha the Great established what kingdom in 1810?

3. Name one of the two epic poems written by ancient Greek poet Homer.

4. Bruce McCullough of the Kids in the Hall played Diana Barry’s husband in the TV adaptation of what classic Canadian book?

5. Which American president intervened to ensure that the ‘Little Rock Nine’ were allowed to attend a racially segregated school?

Happy Answering!!!!


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