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The Fun of Halloween

Ghosts, goblins, witches, pumpkins and of coruse CANDY! Who doesn’t love Halloween?

I must admit at this time of year I really feel the ‘pull’ when I see the oh-so-cute costumes at the stores and in magazines and find myself remembering how much fun it was to go trick-or-treating with my sister and my dad and kind of wishing I had someone to take out too. I guess I could try to take my two white cats? Hmm, we could get them costumes to make them black cats? What do you think? I think Spot may take a chunk out of my arm in protest.

I freely admit that I trick-or-treated until I was sixteen with my sister and we had a blast. By then we had our system down for our neighbourhood. Never underestimate the intelligence and planning ability of a kid who knows there is a limited time to hit as many homes as possible for candy. She and I knew exactly what streets to go down and the specific homes to go to. We never went too far from home, mom and dad weren’t too keen on that, but we always came back with a great haul. We prided ourselves on it.

Some of my favourite memories:

* When I was really little and my sister was sick so I took a pumpkin for her and got her some candy too

* When my girlfriends and I went out one year and had way too much fun. (P, T & me!)

* Telling the family I babysat for that I wasn’t too old to trick or treat, they could check my license (They were very very nice and totally had no problem with it, and I wasn’t greedy, I always said thank you.)

* When my sister and I went out the first year in our home in Oakville and our neighbourhood was largely under construction and it was our best year ever! A tip to seasoned Trick-or-Treaters, go to those areas, be careful, but go, not too many kids go there and you tend to get extra since you showed up!

* The year my dad took us when we were still in Mississauga and we went to ‘Other Mommy and Other Daddy’s’  (We lost Other Mommy is August but I still have my Other Daddy and always will) house and dad got to trick-or-treat for a beer! Too much fun!

Halloween is mostly for the kids, those trick-or-treaters, and their parents, but it can still be fun for the rest of us too. After all, there are still the parties to be attended and really, who doesn’t like decorating for Halloween? I’ve gone tame this year, but my Glitter pumpkin, I call him Harvery, will be ready for his big night Sunday night! And best of all, being a nonparent, we only have to worry about our own sugar highs. 😉

So I ask you in the blogosphere, what are your favourite Halloween memories? I encourage you to share them here so we can all enjoy it!


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  1. you could always rent-a-kid for Halloween that should be a thing? lol but I miss trick or’ treating as well, I loved going out when I was a kid I love halloween more that any other holiday we barely have the money to decorate let alone get tons of candy or costumes for that matter…. each year we say we’re going to decorate but we never really do….. oh well maybe next year? lol

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