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Well, what a rollercoaster lately I’ve been on. There are so many things to update you all on and I don’t even remotely know where to start.

Being a NonMom I know my schedule isn’t packed with kid things all the time, but I do ‘rent’ munchkins and I also try really hard to be a good person and help others as much as I can. Which brings me to my recent Girls Night In party for breast cancer. I will post a couple pics of the yummy food, and the disaster that had to be averted creatively on the day of. Thank goodness for a dietitian friend who loves peanut butter as much as I do! I was given the opportunity to put on the party at my home and have a bunch of girlfriends over and what we would have spent on going out, instead we donated to the cause. It went well and donations are still coming in actually. But more on that in a separate post, because it deserves one, and I have a lot of special people to thank for their help.

My second thing keeping my busy, a new client and a fabulous new book. If you haven’t seen me tweeting about it then by all means please check out: The Bridge Club by Patricia Sands. Utterly fabulous book, I was hooked by I think page 2 of the prologue. Seriously. It’s the ultimate book for us gals! And more on that in a separate post as well, but I didn’t want the blogosphere to think I was ignoring you, I’m not I assure you! The launch of the book is Monday November 6th at The Gladstone in Toronto if you want come out. It will be fabulous, just like all of us!

And what else? Well, family stuff. The ‘rents just left to head South for a bit. I must say hearing my dad say that it’s 29C when I was shivering here was rather smug of him, but that’s ok, I have the keys to their place while they’re gone. I’ll just go shopping in their pantry again LOL.

I cannot tell you all how much I enjoyed holding the Trivial Pursuit contest. I know the rounds could have come quicker, but it was also rather obvious that some were having a blast playing along. I am of course already planning a re-match with my friends for the near future. I will beat you Greg at some point! 😉

I have several more awesome products to tell you all about too, Kraft Whipped Peanut Butter, need I say more? And I’ll be holding another contest to win a beautiful gift basket of Johnson and Johnson baby products and I have to tell you about my ‘affair’ with Eggy. He’s just the cutest little egg timer ever! He is the next of the Knorr cuties after Salty.

Of course I also try valiantly to get some crochet time in too. Holidays are fast approaching and I have several people to make things for….including myself! I’m nearing the home stretch on my for me alpaca scarf that I’m hoping to make a stylish cowl. I have enough of the yarn, sooooo soft, so I hope to have that done asap and then make some mittens to match! Then it’s scarves, mitts and toys after that. I will return to my cardigan in progress in late December, it and I are not speaking at the moment. We’re in a tiff. I blame it, it blames me. It’s a battle of wills I assure you.

So to my friends in the blogosphere I say goodnight for now, NonMom can barely keep her eyes open and her new ET doll and another 2 rows of her scarf are calling her name before the marathon continues tomorrow.


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