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Adventures in Babysitting!

I was asked to take my nephew out for a couple of hours last week and even though he and I have spent some time together, I admit, I was a touch nervous that I’d be the primary on a 4 month old for a few hours. Then, after a brief overview of the baby gear that goes with him, I felt just fine…..although sorry sis, still not a fan of that stroller…..I want cupholders! 😉

Now I’ve babysat A LOT over the years, and have sat for my friends munchkins as well (and continue to do so) so I was kind of excited to show off my skills in public, and while it definitely is work, I did enjoy it.

So we went from this face and the whole, I know you, and I like you, but you’re not who is normally looking at me:

And you are????

To this, tee hee! I rock!

Ok, you're vetted, carry on!

I again say that I admire all of those who do this on a full-time basis, and what a pain in the butt those car seats are to carry. I can hardly wait til this one’s out of his let me tell you (Thank goodness for the Angel Arm from the Baby Henry Co.).

But I am rather proud to say that I, a non-parent, was able to figure out all the gear (but I have had a fair amount of practice in recent years), get a munchkin who was rather upset when I arrived to nap, and of course, purchase more crafting materials at the same time *tee hee*.

So, if you’re a non-parent like me, there is hope for us, we can do it, and the kids even come back dry and happy after well-rested naps!

Woo hoo! Go me!!!


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