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Hasbro Part 4

A much-delayed, but unintentionally, post about more of the wonderful Hasbro toy line for this 2010 Holiday Season.

Anyone else feel like they’re falling behind already? Well, surfing through the ads even I admit I’m a bit overwhelmed and trying to figure out what to get my munchkin friends. So, to help us all out some more, here are a couple more favourites of mine from the Hasbro launch.

1. The Furry Frenzies

Furry Frenzies Hasbro

Hasbro's Furry Frenzies

These adorable little critters come from the Furreal Friends and are honestly a riot to watch. Even without the playset these would be oh so cute running about and bumping into things. My other side says my cats would have a blast watching these little toys run around.

Furry Frenzies Hasbro

The Furry Frenzies Gang from Hasbro

Hasbro Furry Frenzies

Furry Frenzies Play Set

2. Play-Doh!

Play-Doh HasbroYes it’s still around, and yes, it even smells the same! I checked. The gals thought I was a crazy I’m sure, but these things are important when reliving childhood memories. Nah, the gals thought I was a riot I’m sure, I swear I was more excited than some of the kids I know.

Play-Doh has this great set that I got to try out and when I look for toys for kids I look for a few key things and this set met all of them. I look for bright colours, well, it’s Play-Doh, it is all about colour, it’s tried and true, what can I say, I’m sentimental, it encourages fun and creativity and teaches something and last but not least, it’s smart. What I mean by that is best explained with describing the product.

Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory

Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory

The Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory for example, teaches process by the kids putting the Play-Doh in one end and then completing a few tasks in order for the result to come out, a shape! Not only that though, the toy has storage on it, for the Play-Doh so it doesn’t get lost or misplaced. It’s one neat package and they can take it anywhere. I really like that. And I’m willing to bet parents will like that too. There’s nothing worse than losing accessories and that rendering the toy useless. This one definitely gets my NonMom seal of approval on it! 🙂

3. Alphie! He’s back!!!

Hasbro Alphie

Playskool Alphie

This friendly little guy is another retro-rewind toy as I call them. I have several favourites, (see previous posts re: Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony for some examples) and I do in fact remember this one too. This again meets my criteria of a toy that I would buy for a kid. Bright colours, creativity and teaching and storage. Alphie stores his cards on him so you don’t lose them, and is very portable. He teaches numbers, letters, identification of pictures of lots of different things. I just really like a toy like this. And, he’s not discouraging towards the kids if they get the answer wrong, he encourages them to try again. I really like that. So many kids are not being encouraged enough to aspire to more and this starts them off young with that drive to make Alphie proud of them.

And! When the muchkins have mastered the cards he comes with, you can pick up more so again, a toy that keeps giving back. I like that too.

Alphie PlayskoolSo, there’s a couple more for you. The next post will be about more toys for the boys and girls (cause I know I’m a huge fan) in the Star Wars line! Stay tuned!


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