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Things I Like

***A completely unsolicited post, purely my opinions on things I already own and use for the benefit of others***

I like things that save me time for starters. My time is a hot commodity lately, like my new parent friends, but with the many tasks I have in a day. How do I keep it all straight? I have an old fashioned, or as I’m going to term it: Retro notebook that houses my weekly to-do lists, key things I have to remember etc. It’s small enough to fit in my purse and, as much as I do love my gadgets, this doesn’t crash or have a battery that will die.

My Little Pink Book

Another thing that is important to me is portability. It drives me nuts when it takes a lot of work to bring something with me. I like simple. Hence why I love my ‘portable office’ as I term it. I am in love with my Blackberry, this is my second one, and while I have a very basic plan, this makes my life easier because I can send and receive emails wherever I am (unless I’m in the US, that’s taking some getting used to finding free wifi) and take pictures and video to upload for clients as well. I have the Curve. It’s wonderful!

My other gadget of choice is my Flip Camera. This is the greatest thing ever invented I swear! I have the Ultra but it’s not HD. For my needs it wasn’t necessary. But let me tell you, for taking to events, for capturing those special moments and even covering events, this little camera rocks! I use it primarily for business, but I happened to have it with me at my Grandmother’s 90th in September (again, portability!) and captured some beautiful footage of her playing with and singing to my nephew. For those of youwith kids, it’s ideal, this fits in any bag and it simply takes AA’s. It installs its software by itself to your computer as soon as you plug it in via USB and makes everything so simple! For me, I use this for business to film at events (I.e. Patricia Sands’ Book Launch & various racing clips at Mosport International Raceway) and film products in use, interview drivers etc. The quality is fantastic and I’ve had many many people ask about it. Again, this makes my life easier!

Time with the girls is also very important and a big ‘like’ for me. I don’t always have the most time to devote to my gf’s, but I like to think that when we do meet up it’s quality time. From simply meeting for a coffee to shopping to a nice dinner out (we are mostly addicted to Thai at the moment), we always have fun! Besides, I think my hubby enjoys the house to himself while I’m gone *smile*.

Another thing I like: Game Night! I often tell people that in my first year of university I majored in cribbage but minored in Communications. We’ve evolved to Trivial Pursuit, Life and many others of games and with different groups of friends, but there is really nothing better than a social night and doing low-key things. However, I am still determined to beat my friend Greg in Trivial Pursuit at some point. 😉

Just a random post, but one I like!


One Response

  1. I still have a good-ol’ fashion day-timer and MY DENTIST of all people made fun of me the other day, he said “Nice blackberry” I’m offended. Excuse me we are not all dentist who can afford crackberry’s, second of all I love writing pen to paper, its a dying art!!! So there!! I agree with Amy’s little pink book, although I secretly want an ipad!!! tee hee!!!

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