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Christmas Decorating: The Tree

Merry Belated Christmas to everyone!

I apologize for dropping off the radar for a bit there but getting presents made, the house decorated and that pesky thing called ‘work’ kept me hopping.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I want to hear what all of you have been up to, but, since I had my beloved Blackberry with me at all times, I have my holiday (and I use that term loosely) documented for you!

To start, there are few holiday activities I cherish more than decorating my tree. It is truly a labour of love for me. I bought all of my ornaments in about a 3 year time span and 95% are yes, my favourite, Martha Stewart :). Sorry, I love her. My husband teases me constantly about the number of lights I put on the tree, you be the judge, for a 7ft tree I still think I could have put a few more on:

And yes, these are the bins for a single-tree. There are a couple of boxes in there that are for another aspect of my decorating, but really, it’s a pretty apt picture:

And all of this craziness translates into the following:

And close up:

I love it!!!!! Send  me your tree stories, I love to hear them and chat with all of you!



2 Responses

  1. Last year we barely had the time to put up the tree, here were are Xmas eve scrambling @ 6pm to throw something up and we decided that no one was going to see the back anyways, so we just threw lights and ornamnets on the front only. We called it our Charlie Brown Christams Tree – this year we were better prepared tree up second weekend of December and then the day everyone is coming over to our house 1/2 the lights burnt out!! Oh well better luck next year!! and we may actually get the outside decorated next year…. wah wah wah!!! 🙂

  2. Not to worry, we’ll get your tree all glammed up for next year! 🙂

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