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Handmade Joys!

Again why I was not posting, I was busy with my crafting for holiday gifts. I didn’t craft as many as I would have liked, but what I did I’m very proud of and was received very well!

As a few of you know, I do indeed have a new nephew so, being that financially I had to show restraint, craft-wise I didn’t.

Due to my Martha Stewart addiction (I’m willing to acknowledge the addiction but not move any further than that LOL), I was watching my coveted Handmade Holidays DVD and she made these gorgeous fleece hats for kids and adults. Well, I don’t have any fleece handy, but I can make my own fabric through crochet, so I did! You need 4 panels that are the same size and then you simple sew them all up and it’s an uber-cute hat! Here is the final result, I know it’t not perfect, frankly it was an experiment, but my sister was ecstatic:

Next up was a scarf for my neighbour. She walks to the bus stop, walks her doggies and is just a really great person to have for a neighbour so I made her this one (seen about 98% done) in Lion Brand Yarn’s Homespun.

And last but not least on my homemade gift odyssey are the requested ‘sea creature’ toys for my nephew. His room is all fish and so I did a few searches and came  up with a dolphin and octopus. Hope you all like them as much as my sister and he did:


2 Responses

  1. Your hat turned out great! The crochet adds a lot of texture that a fleece hat just doesn’t have. Your scarf and toys turned out awesome too – I especially love the octopus, he is way too cute!

  2. Thanks Andi!!! I’m dying to make another now and have bookmarked the measurements page so I get the sizes right as that hat was a tad too big for him. But he’ll grow into it 🙂 I loved the octopus too! Soooo cute!!

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