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The Saddest Day of the Year? I think not!

The news this morning kept repeating that today, January 17th, is the ‘saddest’ day of the year. They say that this is when those scary bills come in from the holidays (I was smart this year and those weren’t very bad at all) and most New Year’s Resolutions have worn off. I disagree!

While it was snowing and that was a total pain this am let me tell you, and the traffic was a waking nightmare in my area, this is definitely not the saddest day. It’s my parent’s anniversary for starters (Happy Anniversay Mom and Dad!) and now that the snow has stopped (here at least) the sun is out and everything is a cheery white.

As for those resolutions, I have actually stuck to mine pretty well so far. I gave up Cola just into the year, like maybe 3 days in, and other than I think about 7 sips of my hubby’s since then, I’ve stuck to it and feel much better for it. I’ve also blogged pretty regularly and I have taken more ‘me’ time as I planned.

And I have really taken some major steps in eating right. With the exception of maybe 3 days I’ve brought my lunch in with me and I’ve been drinking a lot more water and eating healthier snacks. One of them is yes, the Kashi bars. I admit when Kashi invited me out in the fall to try their new bars I became addicted and have been buying them ever since. Then I got a note last week about a new one they have out, they’re a softer bar (great for people like me who have sensitive teeth on occasion) and it’s yummy! The Soft-baked Bars mimic the other cereal bars out there, but they always taste too ‘cakey’ to me. These don’t. And they’re only 120 calories. And they stay together, I hate crumbly stuff at my desk.

The radio this morning on the drive in (I was trying to figure out just why everyone was insane this morning), they again said that snacking (healthy snacking!) in between meals helps trick your body into believing it is full more often so you eat less. These bars and my old standby’s of apples with peanut butter or a little salsa and whole grain nachos have really made a difference for me and I am down a bit. I still need to make some more major leaps, but progress is progress!

All in all, I think I’m in pretty good shape for 17 days in, how about you?


2 Responses

  1. Good for you for sticking to your goals! (2 weeks down….50 to go.. ) 🙂 I laughed when I read that you like apples and peanut butter. I dip mine in almond butter and it has become one of my absolute favourite snacks.

  2. Even at (for another few days at least) 32, it is all about peanut butter for me LOL.

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