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Have You Ji-ga-zo’d?

After a VERY long weekend of housework that seems all but moot now, I received a treat on my way out Tuesday, a new kind of puzzle, Hasbro’s Ji-ga-zo.

Honestly, I have always loved puzzles, my mom is still hooked on them and loves to drive my dad nuts with them all over the coffee table or dining room table. I guess in my family it’s genetic. So whenI saw this treat from Hasbro to try out it was all I could do to wait until I had time to actually do it.

This isn’t your regular puzzle, it’s digital and ‘analogue’. The puzzle comes with a CD-ROM so I installed it, easy as pie, and what you do is select a picture you already have, I of course chose one of my cats, Spot, and what it does is not what you expect. The box comes with 300 pieces, they’re already printed in sepia tones, and the software maps your pictures, converts to sepia and then gives you a guide on how to assemble the 300 pieces to look like your picture.

This sounded too cool to be true for a gal like me who makes a living on technology but LOVES her non-tech time (See my addiction to yarn & crochet to understand), so I gave it a try.

Sadly I was out of colour ink on my printer, and the guide prints in colour (I guess I could have just kept it up on my screen in all fairness), but I followed it along, oriented the pieces the way it told me to and, well, you can see the process below!

I miss family game nights, I cannot tell you how happy my memories are of board games at the boat with my friends in the summer. The box says ages 8 and up, but I think, with supervision of course, a child a little younger could definitely help out with mom and dad. The pieces are coloured on the back with little pictures/symbols that are used to identify and orient them. Great exercise for the younger ones in identification of objects for sure! And I must say, looking through the pile for the correct symbol is identical to searching for a piece in any other puzzle so you’t not having anything taken away from the experience.

Sometimes it really is nice to take a night off from technology, next up, trying to get my hubby to abandon the PS3 network for a night. I have to convince him that the world will not end if he misses a bit. Wish me luck!

Ji-ga-zo Hasbro

Tenuous first pieces


hasbro ji-ga-zo

In progress


hasbro ji-ga-zo

My beautiful boy Spot Ji-Ga-Zo'd!


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