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Go Go Gadgets Explained!

In keeping with my theme of educating us non-parents and celebrating those that are brave enough to be parents (I’m still in awe of those my friends who are and do such amazing jobs), I thought I’d do a gadget post.

New parents get to use a lot of cool gadgets from strollers to monitors and bottle warmers. I swear my parents didn’t have half the stuff that’s available today when I was growing up, and to look at it all can be overwhelming for the new parents, let alone us non-parents trying to understand the new lingo.

Strollers 101

Here is what I have learned about strollers, these are not your Grandma’s baby transportation vehicles. Wow! They cover every price range (my coveted favourite has got to be the Burberry MacLaren — which I will never afford but like to dream of) and includes brands such as Graco, Safety First, MacLaren, Peg Perego, Quinny and more! Each one is slightly different than the other, for example Graco has the adorable Winnie the Pooh patterns and MacLaren are the high-end and, as my friend showed me and let me try with hers, you really can steer it with just one hand. Very cool!

But a stroller isn’t just a stroller anymore either, it’s all about the accessories. Like buying a car and tacking on things like AC and heated seats, these strollers can be ‘upgraded’ and bling’d out too!

From cupholders to linkable plastic chains to the sleeping bag-esque wraps you put the munchkins in, these are definite fashion makers. Who knew? There are ‘travel systems’, plain old strollers (that are anything BUT plain!) and even joggers! They really are designed for every possible lifestyle, Jeep even has one for your rigged outdoorsy family.

For us Non’s, the joggers have a big front wheel, the travel systems tend to include the carrying chair that detaches when the kids are small and well, you can recognize a stroller… I hope!

I must say having the cupholders rocks, as well as a bit of under baby storage for when at the mall etc. What I still shake my head in wonder over are things like the carabiner clips that are made especially for strollers and the array of clip-on toys. I can’t keep up, and I make an effort to believe me.

They really can become a status symbol, but the main things to think about and indeed, to talk about with your parent friends are the weight, whether it fits in the back of the car or not (my sister’s is tight) and how it is to steer.

Me, I like the cupholders. And wouldn’t you know my sister has one without! Guess I’ll be checking out my local Once Upon A Child for the Pooh bear Graco one! 😉

P.S. Parents, any help and info you want to add, please feel free to comment, it’s all about sharing here at NonMom!


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