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New Ideas for Easter!

Easter has always been and remains one of my favourite holidays for childhood memories. I loved the egg hunt in the morning and trying my darndest to wake up before my sister so I could get the most eggs…I think I beat her at least once. The strategy sessions beforehand and the divvying up of rooms to search in, as well as seeing my all-time favourite (hint hint hubby) chocolate bunny Mr. Munchy waiting for me on the fireplace along with some other treats all left with care by the big fluffy one himself: The Easter Bunny!

Now, times are changing and well, E.B., he reads the papers and he knows that more kids (and us adults too are not immune) are having troubles with sugar and not getting enough exercise. He also knows though that the fun of the egg hunt should not be affected by this. So, he and the guys and gals at Hasbro must have got together and come up with a great solution to help him out with their Easter 2011 line of goodies!

I was lucky enough to get to try out the line and report my findings to E.B. and wow, am I ever impressed. I cannot tell you how hard it is to not start cracking open the eggs and playing with the treats inside myself! I mean really, who doesn’t have awesome memories of playing with the stuff?

So what have Hasbro come up with to help him out you ask? Well! How about those great and traditional plastic eggs, but instead of candy filling them up, Play-Doh. When I saw this I was really excited. I am very traditional in a lot of ways, but this doesn’t take away from anything as far as I can tell. The kids still get the fun of the hunt, they still get those plastic eggs, and they still get a treat inside…just this time it’s not sugar, it’s something they can play with and create with.Hasbro Play-Doh Easter Eggs

I’m not saying to switch entirely over to the Play-Doh eggs, but what a great addition to the hunt and a fun way to reduce some of the sugar-highs that result on Easter.

They have also come up with the CUTEST new Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head toys for Easter. Check out the matching Bunny Slippers! LOVING IT!

Hasbro Potato Head Easter

Mr & Mrs Potato Head

Again, for kids that are limited in what sugar they can have, and let’s face it, there are more diabetic kids now, why not instead of having E.B. drop off their chocolate bunnies, arrange for him to drop off these instead? Or, as well as their chocolate!

And finally, those Easter fans at Hasbro have these little store and then stamp cuties with Play-Doh inside too! Again, the kids get a treat and toy! After the Play-Doh comes out these could also make great bath toys, I know my sister and I would have done just that.Hasbro Play-Doh Easter

Or, these adorable little Wheel Pals that roll around for the mini-munchkins.

Hasbro Easter

Eggs & Toys posing with my Crochet White Rabbit

Now I’m not an anti-sugar person, I love my treats, and since I have IBS I actually can’t have sugar substitutes (I’ve tried several, none work for me), but I also know that too much of anything isn’t good. That’s why I really and truly loved these ideas so much and I’m telling the Easter Bunny that I think that my rental munchkins would love these in addition to their regular treats from him.

What a great bunny E.B. is! I may have to leave him some carrots myself and hope that he leaves me a treat or two too! A Mr. Munchy and perhaps a jelly bean or two?

What are your favourite parts of Easter? Was it the hunt? Is it seeing the kids’ faces light up? How about watching the parade on tv? I’d love to hear about them all!


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