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Those April Showers paid off right?

Is anybody else suffering the ‘when will it brighten up’ blues like I am? The past several days, heck, the past week (with small exceptions) have been torture. I need my vitamin D and rain and overcast weather that gives me migraines just doesn’t cut it.

I  managed to take a walkabout of my garden between downpours last week and saw that my seedum and the lilac tree out front are both budding! I am so excited! Last summer I spent a week while my hubby was away and sanded and stained the fence which hadn’t been done since I moved in in ’02 and I finally tackled the flagstone disaster that the original owners had left as a legacy of torture to me. I ripped it all up, yanked everything out, re gravelled it and then put down this amazing stuff that my neighbour told me about, polymeric sand. All I know is it’s a miracle and it looks like sand but feels like cement, take that weeds! Ha! Why go on about this? Because now I can actually look forward to spending time in my backyard without being surrounded by potential work staring at me.

So, to cheer all of us up, and since today the sun is actually out where I am (WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), what are your favourite signs that the season has made that change and we are headed in a warmer direction?

Mine include the different birds appearing. I’ve never been what you would call a birdwatcher, but wow, this year there have been some beauties! See one of my previous posts for pictures of ‘Rusty’ the Cardinal that has been living near my home, but the Red Wing Blackbirds are another favourite and my neighbour and I are on the lookout for the stealthy Blue Jay that pops up near our places too.

I’m hoping that those April showers also put a nice solid water table base into my gardens as I’m making plans for lots of home grown veggies this year! My mom has a green thumb to be envied and while I don’t have a big garden like I grew up with, I am determined to plant lots of veggies so I can have lots of salad! I’m planning on lettuce, tomatoes, hopefully zuchinni, cucumber (hubby’s fave) and maybe some berries (in pots, I’m so not dealing with insane growth). I’d love to do beans too, oooh the ideas are flowing! Now to make space & find all my pots!

What are your favourites to grow? Do you plant a garden? I’d love to hear!

Now that the sun is out (and believe me I want it to stay out), I hope for more birds to sing to me, the brown to finish turning green and in general for everything to dry out.


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