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Start of the Summer Blockbusters…THOR style!

Well now that we’re into May summer blockbuster season is fast upon us and the first of the pack is THOR!

So, admit it, anybody else keep picturing the little girl from ‘Adventures in Babysitting‘ in her helmet with her cape on running through the streets of Chicago? Cause I know I do and even my hubby mentioned it tonight!

Well, Thor has been updated a bit, very yummy I admit, and with him and his movie come the accessories and toys. I had been giving it some thought and I don’t do enough posts on the boys so this one will address the Thor trend for them. After all, us non-parents need to know this stuff so we can talk to the munchkins about it and be the ‘cool’ people right? 😉

My friends at Hasbro have once again come up with some fabulous Thor items from the helmet to the hammer and more!

I must tell you a funny story here. I opened up the box and pulled out the Hammer in front of my hubby and he immediately took it and started playing with it. I kid you not. So, apparently the toys from Hasbro are not just for the little boys, the adult ones go nuts for them too!

So to make the Thor effect as realistic as possible they have come out with, as mentioned, the helmet (I admit I tried it on and was enjoying it), a shield and dagger/sword and, my hubby’s favourite because it lights up,  makes noise and shoots, the hammer. As well, of course, the figurines in the coveted ORIGINAL PACKAGING. (Bazinga! LOL)

Hasbro Thor Marvel

What do I like about these pieces? I like that they don’t just have to be for play around the house and with friends, get out those fabric scraps and whip up a cape and you’ve got an instant Hallowe’en costume too.  I also like that the helmet is a rather malleable plastic so the kids have some flex with it. We all know how hard plastics can crack and break, this has ‘rough and tumble proof’ written all over it. I also like that the sizing of it says for kids, but even fits me! And let’s face it, we all know of at least one or two guys like the gang on The Big Bang Theory who would go nuts for this stuff.

I also liked that you don’t necessarily need to buy the whole set, kids like to improvise sometimes too (but of course, the whole set does indeed match and yes, it has the ‘cool factor’). You can buy the helmet, or the hammer or the sword and shield. They’re really interchangeable and the materials are really quite durable too, I’m very impressed with that.

Kids love to dress up as their favourite superheroes and idols and always have. I know I used to love it and I know I’m not the only one. It’s a chance to be someone else, to live out those Saturday morning cartoons and, it’s just plain FUN!

For the past couple of years it’s been Spiderman, Batman and, my personal favourite, Iron Man (honestly, who can get enough of Robert Downey Jr.?). Now, bring on Thor!!!!

So, parents, fellow non-parents, now’s the time to start brushing up on your knowledge of Thor and his battles so you can be ‘cool’ too!


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