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Gold Star Customer Service Thy Name is Kobo!

Reading the papers and watching the news we are inundated with stories of how companies are ‘screwing over the little guy’ but we rarely hear about the companies that are taking the right steps and doing a great job. So, I had a phenomenal experience and I wanted to share it and say thank you properly to: Kobo!

A few weeks ago now I was helping out my husband at an event and quite contentedly reading on my Kobo my new book, Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde. I got home and the book had got rather good (as his books do, I love them all, but that’s another story altogether), and finished it. I put the Kobo down and it was in its made by me crocheted cover and slipped onto the floor beside the bed. Well, you can imagine what happened next, I stepped on it. My heart broke at the crunch and I really was devestated. Things had not been going especially well for me as of late and to have this happen to something I was really and truly using daily and LOVING was just awful. Thank goodness I didn’t lose any of my books as they are all backed up on the web, but the screen, well, it looked like stained glass but with e-ink. NOT GOOD.

I tweeted about my sadness and my stupidity and how much I missed my beloved little Kobo already and lo and behold Kobo heard me and sympathized on Twitter. They said to contact their customer service department and I listened and did. They got back to me quickly and, oh my, what a thrill and wonderful surprise, said no problem, they would send me a box and all I had to do was ship my mortally wounded Kobo to them and they’d send me a new one. I think at this point I might have fallen over, or at least sat down in a hurry.

So ‘Little K 2.0’ arrived yesterday, got all charged up and sync’d and is happily tucked into it’s crochet cover and safely out of harm’s way.


Hello Little K 2.0!

THANK YOU TO KOBO! I cannot get over your kindness and am beyond impressed! YOU ROCK!!!

Now I have to run, another book is calling my name…. 🙂


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