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It was Nerf…and something…FUN!

Hasbro Nerf Dart TagI, like most GTA residents have been waiting impatiently for some DRY weather so I could get out of the house again and these NERF Dart Tag boxes have been staring at me begging to be opened and tried out. Tonight my wish was FINALLY granted and hubby and I took to the street and had it out, NERF-Style! I think half the street were watching and laughing with us. I know our neighbours were!

Nerf Dart Tag Hasbro

Mr. & Mrs. 'Harrison' aka Doing our impression of Brangelina

The starter kit comes with the vests for the velcro tipped Nerf darts to stick to as well as safety glasses (but mine are prescription and my hubby’s are safety so we used our own) which I HIGHLY recommend. The darts even whistle as they fly at you, I would know, I heard a lot of that as my hubby is, well, rather competitive.

Hasbro Nerf Dart Tag

Hubby getting a feel for the new toy

I can honestly see the immediate appeal to the teenage boys and teens in general, but I must tell you, I haven’t laughed that much with my hubby in a while. I also recommend this for couples and small groups. My hubby’s best friend is coming over tomorrow and I fear for my house and furniture being used as hard cover LOL.

I really like the emphasis on safety that the game brings with it, the darts are foam with a velcro top and really don’t hurt when they hit you…again, I got lots of experience with that. The vests really do fit all which is also nice and the gear all sets up really quickly. We need ‘C’ batteries for the one blaster which we’re getting tomorrow as my hubby is dying to try it out, and I must also admit to wanting to try it out too.

The game gets you moving, is an absolute blast (pun intended) and it really is for all ages.

Now to start negotiations with the line-up of friends who are also dying to try it out. I sense a tournament coming on…once this weather holds!

So, the ultimate present for the boys: NERF Dart Tag. The starter kit comes with everything you need and you can build from there but you’re immediately in the game which is great. The bigger blasters come with different features such as a mag holder for 16 darts as opposed to the 5 dart blasters that you start with, and then there’s the 20 dart machine rotating action version we’re trying tomorrow.

The long weekend is coming, and Saturday is rumoured to be nice, I think that may call for round two: the wife’s revenge! 🙂 Wish me luck! Maybe if I practice hard enough I can get into the NERF DART TAG World Championship at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando, FL., August 19-21 at Walt Disney World. Maybe my hubby would be the better candidate? We’ll just have to see won’t we?

Nerf Dart Tag Hasbro

I've got him in my sights, now to actually hit him LOL


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