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Things are Looking Up!

As you can likely tell from the last post I too experienced a bit of ‘downtime’ and in no small part that was due to the constant gloominess outside. Since we’ve actually had some dry days and there is sunshine again I have really perked up and am feeling more ‘myself’ again.

Why the weather affects me like that is beyond me but it really does. Even the small stuff today hasn’t got to me. Literally, the small stuff, I went downstairs for my morning coffee and joy of joys there are tiny ants on my floor. If this had happened a few days ago I likely would have freaked, this morning, nope, I just grabbed my handy dustbuster and sucked ’em up. I’m still not pleased I assure you, but I’m definitely not letting it get to me.

Things professionally were getting me a little frustrated too but new opportunities have begun to emerge and I’m starting to feel like we’re coming out of a dark tunnel and my energy and enthusiasm is back again. I am hopeful some big things may come along sooner rather than later.

My question to you all, did you experience the same thing? How did you come out of it? What triggered your ‘coming out’? What are you doing to celebrate it? I’m trying to get outside more and get more vitamin D!



One Response

  1. Well it rains here in Seattle all the time. It can get very depressing for sure. Due to a condition I have I was sleeping around 15 hours a day and of course gained a lot of weight. So I decided to take charge and prayed for God to help me. He led me to some dietary supplements and a great support team. I am now losing the weight and feeling so much better. The sun finally showed up today, and I thank God for that gift of natural light! I am so happy you joined VoiceBoks. You are going to love it there. I have a couple of groups there that you may want to check out. Have a great weekend.

    Following you from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
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