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Contest for a Cause…and Chocolate!

NonMom likes to help out where she can with causes that grab her and really are worthy and the following one is a prime example.

The Cadbury Bicycle Factory  builds bikes to deliver to children in rural Ghana to help them travel the long distances to and from school. To-date the program has built and delivered over 9,000, specially designed bikes. This year we want to build 5,000 more – but we only have until July 31st to do it and we’ve only built 524 to-date. The number of bikes built really depends on the participation of Canadians.

How Canadians can participate is by purchasing participating Cadbury products and uploading the UPC to www.thebicyclefactory.ca. Each UPC code equals one virtual bike part. For every 100 parts donated, one real bike is created and delivered to communities in Ghana.  These bikes represent the opportunity to travel to school safely, they can also act as an ambulance, water delivery vehicle and much more. You’ve likely seen the ads on tv and I know I think it’s a great cause.

So, in honour of this wonderful initiative NonMom is having a contest to help promote the cause!

What’s the contest you ask? Well! Simply send me, NonMom, an email at: NonMomBlog ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com with a picture of your Cutest Little ‘Biker’ Guy or Gal! Yes this is open to Aunts, Uncles and Grammie’s and Grampie’s too! And please nothing controversial or skimpy on the kids, I’m not a fan. Tasteful and cute!

And, what you’ve been waiting for: the prize! I have 2 (Two) baskets filled with an assortment from Cadbury (one of NonMom’s ultimate faves) chocolates and treats which will have enough UPC codes for one entire bike AKA ‘A Bike in a Basket’!

The contest opens, well, now! It closes June 14th at midnight Toronto time so let’s get those uber-cute pics of the kids on their bikes and trikes sent in! Open to residents in Canada only at this time. Nothing will be sold by me or spammed etc., I’m not that kind of blogger gal so not a worry!

Enter now! I’m dying to see the cute pics!! I’ll judge the pics and let the winners know as soon as I can depending on the volume received.


One Response

  1. Awesome idea I’m going to purchase enough cadbury chocolate for a bike seat & handlers 🙂

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