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Review: Cars2 Games

Being that I am a huge racing fan (F1 is my FAVE!) and I also love Disney Pixar, yes, I am a Cars fan! Ka-chow!

So when I got my hands on the new Cars2 themed games from Hasbro I literally tore into them as quick as I could and even my hubby got in on the action.

First up: Cars2 Monopoly

Cars2 Monopoly

I am a huge Monopoly fan as it is, I clearly remember the games at the boat in my teen years and the corporate mergers and long hours by lantern light with our junk food feats and dance music playing to our parents chagrin.

What I love about this game is that it is geared towards kids, but it doesn’t take anything away from the game either. And the designers obviously put some thought into the age groups in a lot of ways. The dollar amounts are smaller so the kids can add them up easier, and the board is a circle instead of a rectangle with less properties but still enough to get the point across. I LOVED the fact that instead of  dice, which could indeed be a choking hazard, you race Lightning McQueen along a track that encircles the board and whatever space his front tires land on is the number of spaces you move. The other thing I loved and noticed with all of the games actually, is that on the box there is a little clock icon that tells you how fast a game can go, in this case I believe it was 20 minutes. We of course played longer, and there was a lot of giggling on my part as well as our 15 year old niece.

They did a great job incorporating the new movie into the classic game and I must admit to hinting at my hubby on an almost daily basis that we should play again.

Next: Cars2 Operation with Mater!

Yes, Mater is in need of some help…on many levels, but that’s another story LOL.

Poor Mater needs to have some parts removed and needs trained people to help him out, that’s where the kids, or in our case, the teen and adults, come in! I opened the box, smirked at the great graphic of Mater and installed the 4-AAA batteries into the back. I must tell you, when I touched the side to make sure it was working I almost fell over laughing, so did our niece. Mater honks and hollers and it is an absolute riot I don’t care what age you are.

All three of us played it and I must proudly say that my skills have improved over the years and I think I hit the side once, my hubby dearest set Mater off a few times, I giggled.

A great game even in its original form, adding the likeness and sounds of Mater to it makes it even better.

My one piece of advice, and this sort of goes with common sense anyway, keep the small pieces safe from the little ones. I kept an eye out for my cats who like to sneak things when we’re not looking, and even when we are. Another great one!

More games reviews to come and my tester munchkins are to report back asap with their opinions too!

Look for Cars2 Trouble, Memory and Sorry Sliders (with a custom track to slide on!) coming too!


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