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Time Management =’s my Life at Present

Wow! I have not had to live by my daytimer this much since, well, school! I have been non-stop for over two weeks now and it’s not stopping til maybe August! Isn’t it sad that I’m already having to plan for August?

Well, what has NonMom been up to? Soooooo much!!!!

NonMom is launching another contest this week based on the new uber-yummy and better for you Lipton Green Teas and is so excited to have a few of the girls over for some fun times tasting them! And stay tuned for the contest to win some of the Lipton Teas as well as a beautiful gift pack from them!

And NonMom tried out a few of the new Transformers too. TOO… MUCH… FUN! NonDad and I opened them up and tried them out ourselves and my oh my have the ever evolved from the toys I remember as a kid. Yes, I played with Transformers, they were cool! Bumblebee will always be my favourite but I’m still getting used to him as a Camaro now LOL. I can hardly wait to see the movie and NonDad and I are hoping to get to it in the next week or so.

NonMom has also been busy with her other blog, AutoSportGal, and this week she is headed to the Honda Indy Toronto!!!! After volunteering there for probably close to a decade and doing various jobs including driving Patrick Carpentier in the drivers parade, I managed to get a worker pass and will be blogging on the other blog while and tweeting etc.! I’ll have to do my work first, but there’s always time to wander and take in the event.

So as you can tell, my daytimer is my best friend at the moment. I know I should use my beloved Blackberry as my time management tool but there is something about the paper and pen that I cannot give up so my little black book (no, not that kind of book LOL) follows me everywhere and keeps me organized.

What do you use to keep your schedule straight? Are you ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ to your paper daytimer like me or a tech-only person? And how on earth do you schedule everything into 24 hours a day….tips appreciated! 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I’ve been working with three different planners (because one isn’t big enough for all the parts of my life!) trying to keep my life organized. I’ve tried google calendar but it just didn’t work for me (although I know others who swear by it.) As my business grows and gets busier, I’m moving towards setting up something up like this: http://www.rightbrainbusinessplan.com/2010/12/08/my-favorite-right-brain-planning-tools/ I’ve bought the calendar and stickies, now I just need to take the time and put it up!
    Have fun with all of your projects! 🙂

    • Ooh! I’ll definitely check that link out! I’m all about colour coding too, ever since high school. It works with my memory.

  2. Your Tea Tasting Party sounds fun. Wish I could be there. Also, Transformers rocked! Saw it with my husband at the IMAX in Chicago on Navy Pier in 3D. What did you think of it?

    • We’re still trying to get a night when we can go see it actually. I think since the theater is air conditioned though we might get there sooner rather than later now LOL.

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