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Review: Cars2 Operation, Trouble & Memory!

Cars2As my regular readers and friends will know, NonMom has been a bit busy of late but never one to shirk responsibility, and fun, I got creative and outsourced some of my testing to some utterly adorable munchkins who are BIG racing fans!

They tested and reviewed and really put the games through their paces, these munchkins even took the games on the road….to the racetrack! 🙂 Talk about appropos for the new Cars2 movie huh?

So here’s the review and their impressions via their oh so sweet Grandma (who I still say is too young and vibrant to be a Grandma):

Hi Amy – Here are the photos of the kids I took on Saturday, playing the games you gave the boys.  They love them!  Hey, we’re at Mosport, and while the cars are racing, they found time to play with the games.  Nash’s favourite is Operation, Dane loved both Memory and Trouble, and Joeleen enjoyed all of them.  The games came out several time over the course of a couple of days.


Dane beat the pants off me, playing Memory.  He really loved moving the race cars  forward each time he got a match.  He’s only 3 ½, but he was able to play by the rules and match up those cars!  Nash 5 ½, and Joeleen, 9, played Operation a lot.  Not only was the eye-hand coordination tested, but earning the money for successful operations allowed them to practice counting out their money.  They all played Trouble together, although Dane didn’t really understand the rules & purpose of the game.  He just loved popping the dice and hopping the coloured markers around the board.


             Thanks so much, Amy, for giving them the opportunity to test-drive and play these games.  As a grandmother, I found it fun to play the games with them too!


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