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Review: Lipton Green Teas

Recently I received some samples of the new Lipton Green Teas to try out. I thought it would be pretty easy to just make a couple of cups and taste them out but why not have some fun and have a tea party with friends instead!

So I did!

First we tried out the Black Currant with Vanilla. I am a big fan of vanilla so just standing over it while it was steeping was DIVINE! All of us gals drank ours with no additions and loved it. My hubby, who I guess has more of a sweet-tooth than I thought, added a touch of sugar to his. We all LOVED the aroma and the taste.

Next up was the Passion Fruit, Orange and Jasmine. Being that it was a rather warm day we thought for this one we’d try it as iced tea. Again, the aroma was light, fresh and sweet, and again none of us added anything to our glasses. The flavours from the fruits was mild but refreshing. We all liked it too.

The final contestant was the regular Green Tea and while I am a flavoured tea fan, I really liked that there was no aftertaste unlike coffee and that it was so light in general. My hubby again added a touch of sugar and I will for my next cup too.

The teas are all Rainforest Alliance Certified and the flavoured are naturally flavoured, I’m tired of too many chemicals and have really been making an effort to eat and drink smarter when I can.

With health and also with saving money in the present economy in mind, Lipton came up with a neat calculator that you can use to see how the teas and the typical daily drinks compare in both nutritional value and your pocketbook’s bottom line. You can compare on a daily or a 21-day scale and I must admit to being rather pleasantly surprised myself.

I admit to ‘occasionally’ purchasing and consuming a fizzy beverage after or with my lunch, and I admit I pay about $1.50-$2.00 in some cases for it. When I punched in the numbers I saw that over a 21 day period I could be saving around $41! In my mind if I extend that to a month it would equate to a tank of gas for my car! I could definitely use the extra money for gas. I could also use it for a myriad of other purchases I’d like to make. Or even better, take some of that and help others.

If you’d like to find out how your numbers stack up check out this link: http://www.LiptonTea.ca/goodness.php

And stay tuned for an opportunity to win a gift pack from Lipton including multiple ways to enjoy the teas!


2 Responses

  1. I absolutely love green tea! I’ve never had the flavored varieties, however. It somehow makes me think that the flavoring might somehow diminish the effectiveness or amount of the key ingredients that make green tea such a powerful antioxidant, but you’ve convinced me to try it anyway. The peach and passion fruit varieties sound particularly appealing to me! Thanks.

    Samantha from vB

    • I have been a huge fan of herbal teas in general since my stomach troubles started about 10 years ago. I found peppermint in particular helped me, but any herbal ones always make me feel better. I like a little bit of flavour, and these are subtle which I like. So glad you’re going to try it! 🙂

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