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Contest: Win a Beautiful Gift Pack from Lipton Green Teas!

Lipton Green TeaSummer, sunshine and keeping hydrated but not feeling ‘icky’ afterwards. Always a challenge and one I underwent again on the weekend myself at an outdoor event.

I try to stick to water myself but I do find myself craving flavour too which usually results in a sugary drink that tastes great for the first about 5 sips, but then I usually feel puffy and icky. Not so with the Lipton Green Teas. There’s just enough flavour from them for my taste buds and if I’m really craving sugar I can always add a dash.

As us Southern Ontarians know, we’ve been having a bit of a heat wave lately so staying hydrated has been key. I know I’ve been doing my best and while water is great, I’m so needing flavour so I’ve been making myself iced teas with these yummy teas!

So, onto the contest we go!

In order to enter I want you to go to click on the link hereand click on ‘Calculate your 21 days’. To give an example, here’s my results based on the way I drink my Passionfruit Orange Jasmine tea vs. my morning Double-Double:

Lipton Green Tea Passionfruit Orange Jasmine

2310 Flavonoids in the tea vs. 21 in the coffee over 21 days

0 Calories in the tea vs. 1567 in the coffee over 21 days

630g of Caffeine in the tea vs. 4620g in the coffee over 21 days

And!!! Cost for the tea over 21 days: $3.36 vs $33.60 for the coffee! That’s nutty!!!

After you’ve calculated your numbers (be honest, I was!) write me a note telling me what you’d do with your savings to your pocketbook and your health and wellbeing. I’ll read all of the stories and winner gets a lovely prize pack valued at approximately $100! It includes a beautiful tea pot set, thermos for your tea, water bottle, moleskine journal and of course, the teas!

The Rules:

You must be a resident of Canada. Contest is open until midnight Toronto, Ontario time on July 25th, 2011. Email your entries to me at: NonMomBlog ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com. I will not sell any addresses, and only I see and read the stories. I will read them all and notify the winner via email on or before July 31st, 2011.

Enter now and join in the fun of taking care of youself and saving!

Lipton Green Tea Blackcurrant Vanilla


5 Responses

  1. I drink Lipton iced decaf green tea nearly every day. I’m not in Canada so I can’t enter. But great giveaway.Thank you for your VB friendship. Hugs!

  2. figuring out my 21 days now

    • Yay!!! Can hardly wait to hear about the results. I know I was rather shocked & am definitely in need of the savings right now.

  3. Wow! I already want to switch from coffee to green tea…the 21 days of goodness calculator really highlighted for me that this would be a great switch, replacing coffee with a new habit of Lipton green tea! the saving for replacing my afternoon coffee with Lipton green tea was $63!!! Above and beyond all the great healthy reasons to replace my coffee!! I would use this $63 to take a hot yoga class…another healthy habit I have been hoping to start!

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