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Adventures at BloggyCon!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been working hard to improve the entire NonMom experience over the past couple of months and I admit I was a little lost on what my next steps should be to grow and evolve. Then I found BloggyCon. I took a look at the seminars and got to tweeting with a couple of the gals going and then the next thing I knew I was booking my hotel and crossing my fingers that NonDad would be able to come with me (he did).

I’ve been wanting to learn more about how to take NonMom to the next level and am rather proud that my hard work is paying off and still shake my head in disbelief at the wonderful opportunities it has afforded me: THANK YOU!!!!!! In fact I came home to a lovely surprise of yummy bars from Kashi….but I’ll post on that later.

The seminars were great, the ladies wonderful to chat with and I even met my American Twin, you can follow her here, I still can’t believe how similar she and I are! Wow! Oh! And I met Nathan, the coupon guy from TLC. He is SUCH a sweetie!!!! I was sitting with him on Thursday and just could not place the face or voice but I knew I knew him, it hit me on the way back to the hotel who he was.

I am simply overwhelmed with the work that everyone puts into their blogs, and very very impressed too. The strategies that Debba from Girlfriendology went over with us was invaluable to me, I took almost a dozen pages of notes from her alone!

I am so inspired and looking forward to growing my community and getting to know not only all of the wonderful bloggers from BloggyCon, but also more of you, my valuable and hugely appreciated readers. Look for some exciting things coming along in the very near future as NonMom continues to evolve and find her voice on the web.

Special thanks go to BloggyMoms aka Tiffany & CityChiconaFarm aka Sherry for organizing a most wonderful event!


5 Responses

  1. Hey Canadian Twin!

    Ah Shucks! Thanks for the shout out. I think I’m going to need a whole week to go through all the notes I took and ideas I had at the conference. Can’t wait to hang with you again.

    I’m spending the day today making Sun Tea and Granola Bites for the Farmers Market. Hope you can come down sometime and I can come up to you.

    Talk to you later.

  2. You’re welcome for the shout-out! It’s just too funny!

    We will definitely have to meet up again, dying to try your coffee scrub too! New grounds for me please LOL.

  3. So great to meet you at Bloggycon. Thanks for the great tip on Alt Text. Yay! Hope to see you at the next blog conference. How much fun was that? Loved it!

    • Hey Robin!!!

      Great to meet you too! DEFINITELY I’ll be at the next BloggyCon! I learned so much!!!

  4. I’d love to attend an event like this it would be so nice to meet some fellow bloggers face to face. What do you think the biggest thing you took away from the event was?

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