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No One Is Perfect

No One is PerfectWhen I was at BloggyCon we broke up into Blog Squads on occasion and I decided to go with the non-niche bloggers as I wasn’t really quite sure where my little corner of the blogosphere should belong.

My squad gave such a wonderful variety and, as was bound to happen, we all got to chatting and the topic of ‘keeping up and organized’ came up. We had a mom to special needs kids, some budding entrepreneurs, and even a blog about beauty at our table and we all connected over our many things, but I noted that  we all admitted we weren’t perfect, but darn it, we’ve all tried to put on the Carol Brady hat on occasion and were forced to compare ourselves to that standard in our homes and lives.

Growing up I was not what you would term the neatest child, but I knew where everything was, yes I did. Then, once I moved out and was on my own I realized that if I didn’t put something away that it wasn’t going to be put away and it hit me like a jolt, I better change my ways.

I had a lovely condo and then a sublime little townhouse (which I’m still in but ruing at the moment as the central air has decided to die during a heat wave). It took a bit but everything did indeed have it’s place and neatening up took a mere hour or so per week.

Then I met my darling, wonderful husband.

Hubby, not what you would define as ‘tidy’. He moved in with me and after his moving in, both of our parents downsizing the same summer and now the addition of two wonderful little furry cats, the house is a constant battle that, try as I might (and I do!) is one I am losing. Every (almost) Saturday hubby takes off for the day and I am left to come downstairs and face my nemesis: the housework. I used to enjoy it, back when, once finished, I could see that things were indeed better and that for a few days at least I could enjoy them.

Now, I’m lucky if I can tell I cleaned let alone enjoy it for more than a couple of hours.

I see the tv shows, the magazines, even some of my friends places and I am green with envy. How come I can’t see my kitchen counter but they can? Why is their living room ‘company ready’ when mine used to be the nice one? Why oh why can’t my darling (and I really do adore him) hubby-kins seem to put his clothes into his dresser and not in a mountain on the floor of the bedroom? Isn’t everyone’s homes the same as Mrs. Brady? Why don’t I measure up? I don’t even have the kids….just a hubby and two cats!

The answer: I don’t have to!!!! Why not? Because no one does, and the ones who seem like they do, cheat! Picture perfect magazine photos? You think those spaces just naturally look like that? Nope! All the extras are likely stuffed just off-camera or in a closet, JUST LIKE HOW I DO IT! Cheating isn’t bad in this case, it’s a necessity as far as I see it. If you want real life, real life is messy. Real life isn’t perfect, we don’t live on movie sets with set decorators and prop rooms for storage, we really have piles of laundry, dirty dishes and dusting we just never have the time to do properly.

And I’m starting to be ok with that. Of course if my hubby magically picked up his laundry and put it away I’d be happy too, but his name isn’t Mike Brady and we don’t have an Alice helping us!


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