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The Heat is ON!

Wowzers, what a heat wave we’re experiencing here in Southern Ontario and the surrounding area. It’s insane simply put. And wouldn’t you know that my AC would break down just in time for it? Yeah, NOT happy. So we got a temporary window unit that helped immensely and just this morning the repair guy came and got ours running again, WHEW! You know it’s hot in the house when the fans are only blowing hot air on you. Yeah, seriously, they were.

We’ve been really good about not using the AC this year, we really haven’t needed it up until about a week or so ago but even my poor cats were beginning to show signs of being warm. It nearly broke my heart the other morning when my poor little Smudgie was meowing in our bay window. I had opened it to let some cool air in (yes we actually had some) and he was lapping it up but I couldn’t leave it open after I went out as it was going to get immensely sticky. I almost cried and tried to let he and his brother get all the cool air they could, plus I left several fans on for them and topped up their water and had been petting them with wet paper towels to cool them off a little bit (much to Spot’s chagrin I might add).

This week though has been like living in an oven. My husband decided to try telling me that ‘it wasn’t that bad’ and comparing it to the soldiers overseas and wearing all their gear plus even hotter temps. I reminded him how much I sympathize with them and then mentioned how we were not living there and I was not happy…..hence the temporary unit arriving. I win.

I’ve tried every keep cool strategy I could think of from sleeping downstairs to running multiple fans and having them blowing air outside and sucking in the cooler air (not the case now, too hot to even open the windows), to cold showers and drinking so much water I think I’ve flushed my system about 14 times now LOL. They were great techniques but honestly, I have limits, bring on the AC til this passes is my temporary motto. And yes, we even tried a ‘swamp cooler’ one night…..ummm, no.

Then this morning when I was at my business networking group one of my dearest friends brought up something about good deeds and doing at least one per day and how good that is for you. I pondered this as I really do make a concerted effort to be a good person and my neighbour popped in my head. She is in her early 70’s and ‘stubborn’ is a mild way of describing her somedays. A heart of gold, she has got it in her head that she didn’t need AC. I keep seeing and hearing the warnings for more ‘experienced’ people (I like that term instead of seniors) and that they need to have AC and keep hydrated and that sitting outside isn’t enough (it’s worse today) and opening the windows isn’t enough either. I was starting to really worry as I got in my car and the thermostat read 33C …at 9:30am!

I made my decision. I googled her son, he lives in the US and emailed him. I was all worried he wouldn’t get the email, and maybe I hadn’t sent to the right address but then I got a reply. Whew! And he thanked me and her ac went on. I know, I had my hubby check.

I can’t tell you how much better I feel knowing that I did the right thing and she is now ‘safe’ from the heat.

My challenge to you all today and for the remainder of the heat wave: check on those who are ‘experienced’ or who are differently abled and make sure they’re ok. Take them a cool drink, or lend them a fan.

Keep cool & drink lots of water! Winter will return soon enough and we’ll be missing this heat.

What are your ‘keep cool’ strategies?


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