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Review: Transformers, More Than Just A Toy!

Transformers Optimus Prime 3D MaskMy sister and I were babysat by a great neighbour as kids who had 3 sons. Obviously they weren’t into our toys, but wow, did we ever get into theirs!

Transformers and G.I. Joe were two of our favourites and I still distinctly remember playing with the very first Transformers with Eric, Mark and Wouter.

My have they ever come a long way since then!

I received a surprise in the mail a bit ago and in it was the Optimus Prime 3D Cine-Mask that the kids (or, since my friends found out I have it, the grown ups too) can wear to the theater to watch the movie in , yes, 3D, or it can also be used for play. I LIKE it!!!! What a great idea and method of getting the kids (and like I said, adults too) more into the movie and the experience that is the new Transformers? Again, it’s dual purpose which I like, and it could even be used at Halloween for costumes.

I also got to try out the new MechTech Transformers and a really neat one based on Dale Jr’s NASCAR. As I am also a huge racing fan, this appealed to me. Honestly, you should have heard me squeal like a kid when this whole package arrived at the door. Even my husband thought I had lost it.

Transformers Mechtech NASCAR HasbroThis isn’t your original Transformers toy either. It even came with instructions on how it transforms…this is one serious toy! We noticed that they also have difficulty ratings on the boxes, this helps people like me who are not exactly pros at this stuff. Based on that, I let my hubby transform ‘Dale Jr. He couldn’t stop smirking and was quite obviously having fun with it. This series also come with an attachable accessory that is interchangeable with other Transformers in the collection. I like that feature because again, the toy can evolve and change and hold the child’s interest.

Based on the difficulty rating, and well, me, we decided I would try the Cyberverse edition Bumblebee toy. Plus, I love Bumblebee. He was my favourite as a kid and remains so. He came with him and a battle cruiser. PLUS: the box turns into a battle scene, kind of like a diorama for added play. Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse HasbroI admit I had a lot of fun attempting this one. I could get Bumblebee transformed no problem…and his battle cruiser for the most part I was fine with, I have no doubt a child/teen could do this. However, this version didn’t come with instructions like the MechTech. I tried my best and I think I got it, the pictures on the box helped me. Naturally my hubby did better than me though.

There’s a full-line of these new Transformers that are now out and I was lucky enough to also see some of the other models, such as Optimus, a couple of weeks ago too. WOW! The level of detail and engineering (seriously, I can only imagine the CAD drawings needed to make these guys) that has gone into this generation is stunning and very impressive. Kids are taught how to manipulate parts to make things function in different ways and it really is almost a 3D puzzle. The prices are reasonable too with the Cyberverse on the lower end and you gradually move up from there to the MechTech and further up from there.

You can see our results below, I think we rocked it! They really are: More Than Meets The Eye! (Had to, couldn’t resist!)Transformers Bumblebee Hasbro








Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Hasbro

Transformers MechTech Dale Jr. Hasbro


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