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Hasbro Holiday Preview Part One

Mrs. Potato Head Hasbro

Me and my new BFF Mrs. Potato Head

In July I had the amazing privilege of attending the Hasbro Holiday Preview event in Toronto. This is the opportunity to see what is coming out for the holidays and even try some of it out. This was my second time going and again I worried they think I’m a bit of a nutbar as I got so excited with some of the new stuff they have coming out but they seem to get a laugh out of me so I’m hoping that’s a good thing.

There was so much and I want to cover as much as I can so I’m going to split this into several posts.

Tonight we’ll start with our veggies, yes Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are back and better than ever!

Mr. Potato Head Hasbro

The have been through what my friends at Hasbro termed as a ‘Bake Over’, their first one since they came out back when I was a kid (and yes I did have an original Mr. Potato Head). They are both a bit sleeker and have feet that could, in theory, run, like in Toy Story. I just plain old think they rock and have been playing with the one they were kind enough to send home with me and making him make silly faces. This has garnered many odd looks from NonDad, but he knows I’m still a kid in some ways so he’s good with it.

I like that the purity of the toy is still there but I get the image change as we all try to have healthier lifestyles.Mrs. Potato Head Hasbro

What does NonMom love about these classic toys aside from the fact that I remember playing with them as a kid myself? I love that they encourage creativity in kids and imagination. There’s too much taking away of imagination and truly creative play nowadays and I like to go back to basics as much as I can. Maybe that’s why I’m such a crochet addict too? Hmmm? A pattern? We’ll have to discuss that another time.

I also like that they have kept the ‘in toy storage’ for the extra pieces and accessories the same. It’s a toy that can be compact and easy to take with you because everything fits inside. I like simple, easy and really, who doesn’t love the Potato Head’s?

Look for them coming to stores soon. They should retail in the $9.99 range and are for ages 2 and up.

If you could tell NonDad I’d like a Mrs. Potato Head for my stocking this Christmas I’d appreciate it ;).


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