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Amazing kid-filled wonderful weekend!

The title about sums it up, and it really was. I think I covered most of the age groups too, from three months to pre-teen.

On Friday one of my BFF’s from University and her family stopped in and we had a lovely visit. I was reminded of the power of two-year olds (too funny), and got to meet her newest addition, a 3 month old adorable little guy who was simply a gem!

I was also reminded of the importance of kid-proofing even for us non-parents. I have new tip for us all, apparently photographs are fun to grab! I have to laugh at this one, I always do a tidy and check for stuff that kids can get into at my home, and in all honesty I have to proof to a point anyway with my oh-so-curious furry kids, and this visit was no exception. I even learned from trial and error to have something ready whether that be a toy or a craft, for the little ones whenever they come to our place. I had a doll ready for the 2 year old and she did love her, but never in a million years did I anticipate her ‘sorting’ some paperwork and running with photographs. It was a riot. No pictures were harmed in the process of this visit….whew! But that’s a note to us all, if you don’t think they’ll find it, they will, and they will run. 🙂

It really was a lovely visit and I am already wishing it was coming up again instead of being over.

I managed to tide myself over by spending a lot of time with one of my ‘rental daughters’ for Saturday and Sunday and then seeing her sister last night as well.

I cannot tell you how much I adore these girls. If I had a daughter I wish, wish, wish that she would be like them!

Last night it was all about crafts. Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE crafting so when they started pulling out their kits and then making stuff I was in 7th heaven! I had taken V her new Littlest Pet Shop Seal who actually walks, (it’s seriously adorable, Hasbro makes them, they’re called Walkables, seriously, check ’em out!) and A her crocheted ballerina doll I made her so A made me a little purse charm and V got out her mommy’s embroidery floss and started showing me her skills with friendship bracelets.

Seriously, I have a tonne of the floss at home and I am so getting it out tonight and try making them again myself. I LOVED making those when I was their age. I am such a craft nut.

It was getting late so I was trying to hurry my hubby up as we had a long drive home, but, um, in all fairness, I was quite content to keep having time with the girls and their mommy.

It’s moments like those, the giggling, the design ideas and creativity and the smiles that I envy my friends the most. The discovery, the triumph and because it’s just so much fun I have to mention it twice, the giggling!

V was matching and measuring colours of the floss to make a bracelet and showed me the ones she had made so far (I apparently have some catching up to do on design as umm, she’s already doing more advanced ones than I ever did), and then she and her mom and sister and I got the giggles when she was describing the doll she wants me to make her. TOO. MUCH. FUN. So look for the vampire-ish doll pics on my Facebook page at some point in the coming months. A got out a bead kit where you make designs and then spray the beads with water and they stick together. It’s neat. I like it! My little purse is utterly adorable and I treasure it. Yes I am the person who does indeed show off what her friends kids make. Seriously. I so do.

So for those of us without who sometimes fear our friends kids and panic when thinking of what to do, there are some amazing ones out there, and take the time to get to know them and enjoy the time with them. I assure you it’s worth it. And as a bonus: who doesn’t want to have an excuse to act like a kid again?


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